Let’s Go. All In.

   The Day of Giving has been extended to Thursday, May 9 at noon. We apologize for any inconvenience while the website was experiencing technical difficulties. Our goal was to secure 600 donations and thanks to your generosity we did it! Let's keep the positive energy going and keep the momentum going. The Belen community has always shown immense generosity, and we are confident that we can surpass our initial goal. We are happy to announce three incentives to help us reach our goal:

150 parent donors unlocks $30,000

200 alumni donors unlocks $20,000

550 total donors unlocks $40,000

     We invite the entire Belen community to unite and give back to the school we hold dear. Your contributions will support our mission of educating young men and help continue the exciting improvements being made to the campus.

     The Fund for Belen sustains the school’s commitment to quality education. Belen’s tuition does not cover the entire cost of educating each student. We rely on contributions to the fund to help close the gap between our tuition revenues and the higher cost of providing a top education infused with Jesuit excellence.

     Your support for the Fund for Belen is not just a donation; it's an investment in our community. It provides us with the flexibility to support various initiatives, from arts and athletics to technology upgrades and faculty development. Your gifts also help control tuition levels, making our school accessible to families of all financial levels. And remember, Fund for Belen gifts are tax-deductible, a benefit that tuition increases do not offer.